Embryo Transfers

Embryo transfer is the reproductive process in which an embryo (or embryos) is collected from the bred (donor) mare and then transferred to a recipient (surrogate) mare where a pregnancy can be established and carried to term. Embryo transfer has grown tremendously throughout the past few years and is recognized in many, but not all breeds. Before choosing embryo transfer as a preferred method of breeding it is recommended that contact be made to the breed registry to ensure the ability to register foals conceived and born in the embryo transfer process. Advantages of Embryo Transfer Many breeds approve the use of embryo transfer allowing more than one foal per year to be registered per mare.  Embryo Transfer

Equine Cloning

View Portuguese brochure   Cloning ~ success with repeat performance Zerlotti Equine, in collaboration with ViaGen, are recognized as global leaders in cloning technology with more than 100 years of combined experience  in the field and have produced more cloned horses than any other company or research institution in the world.   By preserving the past you are preserving your future … Artificial insemination, embryo transfer and even in vitro fertilization have been stepping stones in advancing the face of modern reproductive technologies, but none offer an exact guarantee. CLONING is the most precise reproductive technology ever developed and is guaranteed to revolutionize

Stallion Services

As a full service facility, Zerlotti Equine Reproduction is fully equipped to care for your breeding stallions, both reproductively and physically. We offer our conditioning services to all stallions under our management to ensure that we maintain the horses’ maximum health for the greatest breeding results. Our complete breeding lab provides a safe and sanitized environment for stallion collection, semen analysis and semen shipment. We are a USDA approved facility providing both cooled and frozen semen services for the stallions under our management. Semen Analysis All stallions in our care will undergo semen evaluation in which the stallion is collected and test-chilled. These sample tests