Small Zerlotti Equine Welcomes

Zerlotti Equine welcomes these three beauties from Albidayer Stud.

Small OFW Magic Wan Congratulates US National Champions 2014

Zerlotti Equine is proud with the success of: OFW Rihanna - 2014 US National Reserve Three Year Old Filly Makayah - 2014 US National Reserve Two Year Old Filly Both presented by Michael Byatt. We expect more beautiful jewerly produced by Magic Wan in the coming years...


OFW MAGIC WAN - Horse of the month of October  Marwan Al Shaqab X Magna Prelude

Small MAGIC BRIDE - Horse of the Month

OFW MAGIC WAN X BRIDAL BROCADE MZ MAGIC BRIDE is daughter of the US National Champion OFW MAGIC WAN and BRIDAL BROCADE, who is a MUSKAT granddaughter. With a Russian bloodline, Magic Bride is a great investment for any breeder. Besides her excellent pedigree, she has an exquisite beauty that would be admired anywhere in the world.  

Small Leader in Reproductive Solutions and Daily Miracles of Life

Small Equine Miracles, In a Day's Work

Small Welcome Ajman Stud!! We proudly announce the arrival of these incredible horses..

Vervaldee,  Sweet Caroline,  Felicia RLC,  Bella Versace,  Marnikha,  AJ Djamilja,  AJ Manayer and  AJ Haila  

Small Embryo Freezing

The year of 2014 is coming with new techniques at Zerlotti Equine Reproduction. One of them is the commercial use of FREEZING EMBRYOS by vitrification. The development of a good technique for the cryopreservation of equine embryo has been extremely necessary. A number of factors have contributed to the slow development and implementation of this technique. The important factors are: - The absence of commercially available products for superovulation - Difficulty in recovering embryos at early stage of development - Low pregnancy rate Many researches are in progress for the improvement of this technique.  Advantages of freezing equine embryos: - Cryopreservation of the genetic material from a specific

And The Cloning Continues...

Dr. Zerlotti is back from another very productive trip. This time he visited Fabio José Farm in Northeast Brazil owned by Geraldo Magela. Geraldo Magela is the owner of the popular Vaquejada stallion "Let Add", who has won over $300,000 in LTE. He is 23 years old now, but the problem arose when he became unfertile at a very young age. He was only able to produce 50 offspring in his lifetime, most of which have been very successful in their vaquejada careers. The decision of cloning Let Add came from Mr. Geraldo Magela in hopes of being able to produce more offspring from his excellent genetic line. We are looking forward to producing this amazing clone for his owner!

Small Thank you to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Tilad!

Zerlotti Equine Reproduction Ltd. sincerely thanks Tilad Veterinary Center for their partnership and the clients from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their support!

Small The Premier Equine Reproduction Center

The Premier Equine Reproduction Center in South Texas, Zerlotti Equine Reproduction Ltd. Specializing in mare & stallion reproductive evaluation, embryo transfers, stallion management & semen shipping, equine cloning and gene banking. At Zerlotti Equine we know the importance of preserving your quality bloodlines and offer advanced solutions in the science of equine genetics to champion horse breeders across the globe. Zerlotti Equine Reproduction Ltd. 743 Witten Rd. Pleasanton, Texas 78064 830.569.8913

3rd Annual ABRAVEQ Conference

The 3rd Annual ABRAVEQ Conference will be held at The Royal Palm Plaza, Campinas, SP Brazil, June 22-24, 2012 Click on the title for details about the conference.