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Stallion Services

As a full service facility, Zerlotti Equine Reproduction is fully equipped to care for your breeding stallions, both reproductively and physically. We offer our conditioning services to all stallions under our management to ensure that we maintain the horses’ maximum health for the greatest breeding results.

Our complete breeding lab provides a safe and sanitized environment for stallion collection, semen analysis and semen shipment. We are a USDA approved facility providing both cooled and frozen semen services for the stallions under our management.

Semen Analysis

All stallions in our care will undergo semen evaluation in which the stallion is collected and test-chilled. These sample tests allow us to establish a standard for each stallion so we can comparatively monitor shipments as they are received by mare owners and ensure that the collection schedule of the stallion allows for maximum quality semen production.

Cooled Semen

Our standard procedure for cooled semen shipment is to send a minimum of ONE BILLION sperm for each mare that needs to be inseminated. We encourage all mare owners to inseminate each mare with all of the semen provided. Ideally, most mares should ovulate within 24 hours of insemination. There are a variety of pharmaceuticals that can be given to mares to induce ovulation. In some cases a second insemination may be needed so it is important that a vet ultrasounds the mare to confirm ovulation.

Frozen Semen

Frozen Semen evaluation is also available to all stallions under our management. Though the frozen semen evaluation is similar to the evaluation of cooled semen, it does require slightly more preparation and planning than that of cooled semen shipments. Test freezes are done on all stallions participating in the frozen semen program to ensure that the shipment of frozen semen provides optimal results. Test freezes may result in a recommendation that the stallion’s frozen semen is not appropriate for shipment.

If test freezes are successful and there are requests for frozen semen shipments, most stallions are able to freeze two to eight doses of semen from each ejaculate. Each dose will contain 600 to 800 million total sperm per dose and will be frozen in six to eight 0.5ml straws, depending on overall quality of the semen. Generally, a standard shipment of frozen semen will include three doses per mare.