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Is Your Transported Equine Embryo Safe?


Comparison Between Transport Vials


The large number of equine embryo transfers performed at Zerlotti Equine has contributed to some different studies that have been helping us to improve our results. The objective of this small article is to inform veterinarians around the world about the importance of the vial we use to ship the embryos that we collect.

We have been testing some different transport vials and holding medias. These are just two of the many pictures we took to show the difference between shiped embryos, comparing different brands of vials.

This research was done with 2 identical vials, different brands.

The embryos used in this research were produced by cloning process.

Brand 1 - Cells are not expanded and there are more extrused cells after staying 24 hours in vial brand 1. Look for the difference of the cells' colors. 

Brand 2 - Cells are healthier and embryos look better. There are less dark spots and we can see expanded cells.

The result of this study showed that Brand 2 vials can hold embryos without causing any damage to them.

Be alert when manipulating and shipping your equine embryos. The little details can make a huge difference on your pregnancy rate.