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Equine Cloning

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Cloning ~ success with repeat performance

Zerlotti Equine, in collaboration with ViaGen, are recognized as global leaders in cloning technology with more than 100 years of combined experience in the field and have produced more cloned horses than any other company or research institution in the world.


By preserving the past you are preserving your future …

Artificial insemination, embryo transfer and even in vitro fertilization have been stepping stones in advancing the face of modern reproductive technologies, but none offer an exact guarantee.

CLONING is the most precise reproductive technology ever developed and is guaranteed to revolutionize equine breeding programs by providing a means of producing an exact genetic match of top-performing horses.

It is a safe, progressive and beneficial means to preserve and extend the best genetics so that their influence can be utilized on a greater level.

With cloning, breeders have the advantage of knowing the exact genetic make-up of the resulting foal.



With cloning, breeders can quickly and precisely extend elite genetics.

• Cloning allows you to produce an exact genetic match of your top performing horses including geldings who would have otherwise never been able to reproduce, or broodmares who are no longer able to produce.

• Cloning ensures that elite genetics are protected against unexpected injury or loss.

• The show career of your valuable horses do no need to be cut short for their role in your breeding programs.

• By cloning a horse that has already proven to be superior either in the performance arena or as valuable contributor to your breeding program, you take the guess work out of finding the magic cross between stallions and mares. You can instantly re-produce the exact genetics of a superior animal that could have originally taken decades to find.



As a precursor to the cloning process, a small tissue sample, usually taken from the neck or underneath the tail, is all that is required for ViaGen to genetically preserve an animal.

• ViaGen provides genetic preservation biopsy kits and a shipping container upon request.

• These tissue samples are cultured to produce millions of viable cells genetically identical to the donor animal.

• The cells are then cryogenically frozen and can be stored indefinitely.



• Unfertilized oocytes (eggs) are sourced from donors, and enucleated (nuclear material removed).

• Donor cells from the genetic preservation are tranferred into the enucleated oocytes to form

a reconstructed oocyte.

• The donor cell is then fused with the oocyte by a process called electrofusion, and incubated for a

few days to form an early stage embryo.

• The resulting embryo is then transferred into a recipient mare.

• After a normal gestation period, the cloned foal is delivered naturally.