Advantages of Embryo Freezing

The cryopreservation of the embryo is a desired technique created to help us in various situations:

  • Flushing mares at the end of the breeding season:
    • We can freeze the embryo to transfer it at the beginning of the next season. This way owners can have early foals, what is desired in many breeds.
  • Donor mares in different locations (country, state..)
    • Embryo can be frozen and shipped to other locations including international transport, what would be less expensive than transporting a mare.
  • In case of unavailable recipient mares
    • There are some cases which the donor mare is flushed at the farm and the breeder has no recipients. 
  • To conserve genetic material from specific mare-stallion crossbreeding
    • The frozen embryo can be transferred at any time.
  • Show mares with busy training schedules
    • The mare can be flushed anytime and the embryo cryopreserved to be transferred in the beggining of another breeding season.

If you intend to send your mare to Zerlotti Equine Reproduction and have any other questions about this technique, please contact us so we can explain all details about it.

Hope we can help many breeders with this succesful tool on equine reproduction.

Here is a picture of a healthy 6.5 days embryo after thawing. This embryo was frozen at the end of last breeding season and transferred into a recipient this week.

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